Monday, 21 November 2011

Exposure to Stressors, HbA1C and Diabetes Mellitus

Today the American Journal of Public Health published an essay, by Chris Degeling and I, that engages with debates on diagnosing diabetes with HbA1C. This molecule has been used for many years to monitor blood glucose levels in people diagnosed with diabetes. HbA1C can also be used as an index of exposure to inequality and other stressors in the ambient environment, and that's what makes this proposed change to diagnostic procedures exciting. Administrative data will become that much more valuable for research on what drives population health, because huge numbers of people meet the screening criteria for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In a companion article written in collaboration with Wendy Rogers and published earlier this month in the Journal of Medical Ethics, we lay out the potential advantages for people with type 2 diabetes themselves of this change in diagnostic technology.

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