Friday, 2 October 2009

Complex Systems and Non-Random Thoughts

I'm writing this blog entry while attending a conference on complexity in relation to questions about how to convert research findings into gains in human health -- what is sometimes called knowledge transfer, knowledge translation, or knowledge exchange. The main sponsor is the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, and the highlight for me has been hearing anthropologist Micheal Agar give the keynote address and 'talking shop' with him later in the day. It was so helpful (and fun) to discuss the work that I have been doing to bridge sociocultural anthropology with public health via animal-human connections.

Karen Thomas, media relations specialist for AHFMR, prompted me to attend -- thanks!

Karen also showed me the 2009-9 Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2008/9 annual report "Research with Impact," which highlights a study that was the focus of a media intervention last August. By comparing food-secure and food insecure perspectives on Kraft Dinner, my co-authors and I emphasized that governments need to redress and monitor food insecurity (see archives of this blog).

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