Thursday, 4 September 2008

Milk, Meat, Veggies, and Kraft Dinner: Public discussion continues at

The 137th response appeared on August 31st, and so the lively discussion sparked by our "Discomforting comfort foods" paper on seemed to have slowed to a stop (see: Mac and cheese study reveals Canada's social inequality) .

But this evening, I learned that Andree Lau at posted a separate account on September 2nd.

Andree Lau writes,
"[Kraft Dinner] was obviously not part of my Chinese family's traditional diet, but thanks to TV commercials and such, KD seemed fun and sure to be tasty....But once I had tasted KD, I realized it wasn't really the macaroni and cheese I wanted; it was the idea of having something novel and Westernized that I coveted. I learned last week that Canadians' memories and perceptions of KD are astonishingly varied."

She then provides lucid account of our research project and key results, before asking, "What's your relationship with Kraft Dinner?"

The most recent response appeared today.

(Minor correction to Lau's fine commentary: As you can see from the CV linked under my photo, I'm an assistant professor.)

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